May. 30th, 2011

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My sister sent us a box that would've come with her had she been able to come home (I think she sent the box earlier, though).  It was full of food and new readables, ie. magazines and two new cookbooks! She also sent us the newspapers in which the engagement announcement of the royal couple (now known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge). She also sent us sweet biscuits, some shortbread (if any one of you readers are Scottish, please explain why do you call shortbread SHORTbread?), and jam. And finally, a small jar of Marmite spread has finally reached Philippine shores.

Marmite is a kind of spread made out of yeast. My older sister says it's good, and even suggested a quick chicken meal for me to prepare using it! More pictures later, I have to dash and help prepare dinner!

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