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I found this picture from my awesome college friend Jen's Tumblr blog. And this picture really got me into thinking. 

It is a sad but true fact, the picture can't state the obvious enough. We hear news that a woman has been raped. There will be two reactions to this: "she asked for it", or there will be pity. 

Why do people get raped, anyway? Is it the clothes that the woman wears? Is it the things she does--ie, inviting trouble by her body language? Or the fact that she's in a place where angels fear to tread--(translation: dangerous place) will send a message that she's fair game to everyone? 
And why do people say that it's always the woman's fault that she gets raped? Why do people judge the reason when they hardly know the circumstances of the act? It's not just date rape, it's rape per se. 

Let's just say B attended a party. Like any other woman, she arrives at the party with the appropriate attire for the occasion. She's had a lot to drink with a guy named D. D takes advantage of the whole situation, gets his hands on her (by this, I guess you know now what I mean). She cries rape, he tells everyone she asked for it for drinking one cocktail shot too many. It's her fault, he will reiterate. She asked for it.
And instead of being the victim, the woman contributed to her  "downfall". 
Looking at this picture reminds me of a rape case that happened more than five years ago--before I entered law school. I remember having mixed feelings about this case--and I still do. When do we cross the line between "it's her fault" and "she needs help"?
When do we need to open our eyes? When it happens to any one of us? Yourself? Your sister? Friend? Neighbour? Relative?
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