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Inspired by Camille Pilar  and Paula Deveraturda of Walled Playground, I will also have my take of showing you what's inside my bag! Well, at least they're the staples.


1. Post-It pouch- yes, I have a LOT of them--and I mean a lot! To the point that a pouch was deemed necessary!

2. Perfume- although I rarely have time to spray on some, I still bring it in case of need. ; )

3. Wallet- can you leave home without money? Of course not.

4. Codal- a Law student cannot survive without his or her multitude of  "bibles".

5. Textbook- The subject varies with the day (class schedule).

6. Water tumbler: I don't think I can live without water. (this particular water tumbler is now broken, and is replaced by another, also procured from Starbucks)

7. Memory aid/study outline- if I get an attack of  "I can't be arsed-itis", I will read it instead of the textbook. Very handy for exams.

8. Umbrella- "Oooh, how I love the rainy days..." Rain may be romantic, but not when it's a downpour and you'll be faced with the prospect of pneumonia. Good times? Of course not.

9. Makeup bag- again, I rarely put on make up. Too dusty, especially for a commuter like me.

10. Scrunchie- yeah, so my hair has been cut short. But what's the harm of having one in the bag just in case?

11. Pencil case- my friend Marc says I have a pen fetish. Uh, yeah, he's right. And take note, this is the auxiliary pencil case.

12. Plastic envelope-contains some notes, outlines and pad papers. I now feel guilty for asking people for paper most of the time!

13. Comb- snarly hair ain't cool. 'Nuff said.

14. Book marker- ...that looks like a GIANT paper clip. Very handy, I swear!

15. Campus Belle de Jour planner- never, never will I again miss out on its big girl version! I will reserve in advance this time for the 2011 planner. I got a planner because I want to keep track of what I am doing.

Please note that this is a repost from the old main blog that I have. I am inviting you guys to take a picture of your bag and its contents, and tell us which items are those you can't leave the house without.
Please send your pictures and you'll be featured in the main blog (! 

You can send them here: or Please include a description of the items that YOU CAN'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT.

A gift will come to two lucky senders who will send their pictures from today, 2 June 2011 to 16 June 2011!  :-)
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