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Before I get dressed for uni, I'll post this. Yesterday was well, sort of productive. I was able to do a bit of advanced reading since I had no regular class yet for Monday--to avoid getting shell shocked. And yes, my Torts professor kept his word. The list of cases were drastically reduced--from forty-five to twenty. Well. That's something.

Oh, sorry. My handwriting's terrible. :(
The decision for Dingcong case was written in Spanish! Thank heavens for Google Translate, it helped me understand the case, even if the English translation was a bit on the pidgin side. 

And jurisprudence also teaches us real life lessons. This is directed to men, and gleaned from the case of Wassmer v.Velez  (mind, I only pitched this in out of an insane sense of humour)--: If you're not (yet) ready to marry your sweetheart, don't ask her to marry you. You'll get sued if you walk out on her.
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