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the name: Layla. Lays. Ellie (to my college friend Jen), L to some online friends, Laylie (to the Henritas/intensevibe girls).

I didn't blow any birthday candles, but I should have blown twenty-six seven.

domicile of origin; domicile of choice: Las Islas Filipinas! I love Philippines!

what I do: I'm studying the intricacies of Law. Having a sort-of love-hate relationship with it, but I'm enjoying the journey though!

what I am like, really. Hard jawbreaker if you don't know me that well. A soft, chewy caramel if you bother to get to know me well. I am a girl you can take to the poshest shops in Greenbelt, and I'm also the kind of girl you can eat fishballs and quail eggs and sugarcoated peanuts with somewhere in Dapitan.

random things that make me happy: Rain on the rooftops. Doodling. Coloured pens (one of my good friends say I have a huge pen fetish). Maltesers (the bigger bag!).White chocolate (current obsession). Flavoured yogurt (strawberry or the berry mix one by Nestle). the colour red (the ruby red). Granny Smith apples. Long scarves. Dark chocolate. Stargazer lilies. Art materials. Pen and paper journals (this year I'll start again). A guy whose identity I hide using the codename Attractive Nuisance.

drowning in sensory pleasure: The Beatles. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Muse. Norah Jones. Manic Street Preachers. Coldplay. Lily Allen. Franz Ferdinand. The Libertines. Dirty Pretty Things. The Futureheads. Kaiser Chiefs. Kate Walsh. Mutya Buena. Mandy Moore. Wolfmother. Feist. Suzanne Vega. Radiohead. Portishead. Matthew Sweet. The Rolling Stones. Lucy Woodward. Duncan Sheik. Snow Patrol. Starsailor. Lenka. Kate Nash. Lily Allen. Sophie Ellis Bextor. Holly Valance. Jack Johnson. Keane. Michael Buble. George Michael (so sue me, I don't really care). T-Rex and Marc Bolan. The Clash.

Selectively adding.
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