Aug. 6th, 2011 10:48 pm
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Was strangely ill for a while, but am feeling loads better now. 

Had a sort of cold when I attended Local Government. Wheezy and sneezy. It took me several sips of water to relieve me. And we had a quiz. A QUIZ! God damn it. Let me tell you guys something. When I am ill, my brain refuses to cooperate. And I guess, I felt worse. LOL! I mean, everything I studied melted away because of a cold and a forerunner of an asthma attack! 

Maybe I'm being melodramatic again, and that it happens to everyone. 

So after the Local Government class, I headed home. But I decided to check into another National Bookstore branch to see if they have the book I need (Civil Code of the Philippines, Book 2 by Justice Edgardo Paras). Unfortunately, there was no stock of that book, and hence, a sort-of wasted book. But not totally wasted. Because I bought two second hand books at P20.00 (maybe this would be about 50 cents or so, and about 30 pence in UK---not totally sure). Anyway, I can't wait to read them! 

A good surprise: On my way to school, who should I see but my bestie Elle! She's been real busy lately--what with midterm exams and being the Editor-in-chief of the Far Eastern Law Review.  She's also a person I consider as my de facto sister, along with Aya and Krystel. So we had a brief chat. I had to let her go quickly because she has to study. Lucky girl. She's having review subjects already.

I miss my FEU Law homies. 

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