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Manila is also getting Bieberized! Bless. Now Justin, I'm not your hater, but am not a fan either. But I think you're a nice kid. Just keep grounded, don't guzzle alcohol and drugs, and keep workin'. HARD. 
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To the people who added me back, thank you guys so much! :)

I promise to drop by, read and comment in your journals as regularly as possible. At least when I'm not bogged down by uni work, which, by the way, will be nearing once I go back to it again by June! Ergo, less entries, less comments by me in your journals.  But fear not. Unless I have exams or finishing paperwork, I'll catch up by the weekend.

And I promise, NO DRAMA. ALL GOOD VIBES, if I can help it. :)
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...from the horoscope. I don't really believe in it, it's only for entertainment purposes. Anyway, here's what I found in Twitter:

If one wants to be an uber thrifty housewife, take this advice: Marry a Virgo, save your money. I'm a Libra, it'll teach me not to spend on impulse.
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 Rain Malicsi of Amateur Dreamer posted in his blog a Handwriting Challenge (a part of his 20 Day Challenge), where you would post a photograph of your handwriting. I think I went overboard by posting not one, but three samples of my handwriting: cursive, all caps and print. 

Sounds like a fun challenge. I'm doing it in my Tumblr blog already! I've done the day 2 challenge, which is to write your tumblr url, and take a picture or scan it, then post it in Tumblr. Someone should do this challenge in LJ too! :)
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 I came across her blog because of my older sister, who follows The Bag Hag on Twitter, and has the aforementioned blog on her links list. And then, later on, I followed her. She's so friendly, even her replies to peoples' tweets can be so addictive. And her blog is another of those blogs where you get the feeling that you're travelling with her, and even bag shopping with her.

Bags for me are just storage of things. And the bigger they are, the more convenient it is for me. I always carry a lot of things in my bag (books, a notebook, my planner, my readings, food, my water container, a small makeup bag, and other personal effects. However, reading Ingrid Chua-Go makes me appreciate bags more. There are a lot of REALLY cute and TO-DIE-FOR bags. 

I only wonder why I didn't get to be such a girl earlier on! Haha. 

PS. I can't wait to see my older sister's Cath Kidston bag--since we're on the subject of bags! :) And her, of course, when she gets to finally visit home! :)

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Because it says so much about my life. Cheesy and cliche-sounding, yeah. But it's true.

But this time, everything's going to be positive. This, I swear. :)

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