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the name: Layla. Lays. Ellie (to my college friend Jen), L to some online friends, Laylie (to the Henritas/intensevibe girls).

I didn't blow any birthday candles, but I should have blown twenty-six seven.

domicile of origin; domicile of choice: Las Islas Filipinas! I love Philippines!

what I do: I'm studying the intricacies of Law. Having a sort-of love-hate relationship with it, but I'm enjoying the journey though!

what I am like, really. Hard jawbreaker if you don't know me that well. A soft, chewy caramel if you bother to get to know me well. I am a girl you can take to the poshest shops in Greenbelt, and I'm also the kind of girl you can eat fishballs and quail eggs and sugarcoated peanuts with somewhere in Dapitan.

random things that make me happy: Rain on the rooftops. Doodling. Coloured pens (one of my good friends say I have a huge pen fetish). Maltesers (the bigger bag!).White chocolate (current obsession). Flavoured yogurt (strawberry or the berry mix one by Nestle). the colour red (the ruby red). Granny Smith apples. Long scarves. Dark chocolate. Stargazer lilies. Art materials. Pen and paper journals (this year I'll start again). A guy whose identity I hide using the codename Attractive Nuisance.

drowning in sensory pleasure: The Beatles. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Muse. Norah Jones. Manic Street Preachers. Coldplay. Lily Allen. Franz Ferdinand. The Libertines. Dirty Pretty Things. The Futureheads. Kaiser Chiefs. Kate Walsh. Mutya Buena. Mandy Moore. Wolfmother. Feist. Suzanne Vega. Radiohead. Portishead. Matthew Sweet. The Rolling Stones. Lucy Woodward. Duncan Sheik. Snow Patrol. Starsailor. Lenka. Kate Nash. Lily Allen. Sophie Ellis Bextor. Holly Valance. Jack Johnson. Keane. Michael Buble. George Michael (so sue me, I don't really care). T-Rex and Marc Bolan. The Clash.

Selectively adding.
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So I'm a bit on the delayed reaction side. But her voice is awesome, almost on the Joss Stone calibre, and possibly even better. I wish I have her voice.

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Just how urgent is urgent? HAHAHAHAHAHA.

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 Remember this? A few entries ago?

Well, one of the magazines I got was this one.

I don't always get to have a copy of Vogue. And one from the UK at that! I am not  a big fan of fashion magazines, but I look at them because of the layout. Fine, I lie. I do like to look at pretty things too! But it is true--I AM A SUCKER for a good magazine layout. Vogue is no exception. 

Let me apologise if you are a part of a magazine staff and you are living in the Philippines. I like the concept of some of the magazine layouts, but sometimes, they need to learn that less is more.  So far, where local magazines are concerned, only Meg (haha, am biased because my high school friend Nissie works there as the art director--but she will be transferred to another magazine from the same publication company) and Preview of Summit Publishing have met my satisfaction rating (as if I know a lot about magazine publishing, haha).

And I am also in agreement with her with this magazine--Real Simple. We had a copy once at home. The layout was clean. No fussy elements. I don't know where the magazine is now--so I'm putting it on a wishlist (for my birthday)! I want a copy of Real Simple magazine--the latest, or even a back copy will do!
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While I post this picture, please allow me to say something about the books! :)

The first book is Sundays at Tiffany's by James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet. My aunt gave it to me over a year ago. The story is about a girl and her imaginary friend who eventually leaves her (don't they at some point in our childhood?). Twenty-three years later, the imaginary friend comes back--in the flesh. Could someone from your imagination be your one true love? I think this is one book guys should read too--seriously! That is, if shedding an occasional tear isn't an issue for you. I practically used a lot of tissues while reading this book. I won't go into details, you have to get this book for yourself.

The next one is Trinny and Susannah: The Survival Guide by Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine. It is a book that I would forever grateful for my older sister for leaving it behind. It is a lot of help! The book is chock full of tips, sensible advice and it even contains quick home remedies for a cold, a tooth that has been knocked out, or what to do with a crying child. I am not sure if it's available in Powerbooks or anywhere in the Philippines. I hope they do! I have to get their "What Not To Wear" book. It's full of vital information. This is a book every woman should have!

This portion has been mentioned here!

Yes, I talk too much )
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Julianne Marquez Manaois: Happy birthday, my favourite bitch. Love you! :)
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Years ago, my older sister and I found dead mice surrounding a big bag of coffee beans in our cupboard. I was reminded of it when I was stocking away groceries.

You would know good coffee if mice keep on "gnawing" at them to the extent that they'll die of extreme "intoxication."
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I don't care if Monday's blue
Tuesday's gray and Wednesday too
Thursday I don't care about you
It's Friday, I'm in love! In love in love in love!


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To the people who added me back, thank you guys so much! :)

I promise to drop by, read and comment in your journals as regularly as possible. At least when I'm not bogged down by uni work, which, by the way, will be nearing once I go back to it again by June! Ergo, less entries, less comments by me in your journals.  But fear not. Unless I have exams or finishing paperwork, I'll catch up by the weekend.

And I promise, NO DRAMA. ALL GOOD VIBES, if I can help it. :)
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...from the horoscope. I don't really believe in it, it's only for entertainment purposes. Anyway, here's what I found in Twitter:

If one wants to be an uber thrifty housewife, take this advice: Marry a Virgo, save your money. I'm a Libra, it'll teach me not to spend on impulse.
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 I came across her blog because of my older sister, who follows The Bag Hag on Twitter, and has the aforementioned blog on her links list. And then, later on, I followed her. She's so friendly, even her replies to peoples' tweets can be so addictive. And her blog is another of those blogs where you get the feeling that you're travelling with her, and even bag shopping with her.

Bags for me are just storage of things. And the bigger they are, the more convenient it is for me. I always carry a lot of things in my bag (books, a notebook, my planner, my readings, food, my water container, a small makeup bag, and other personal effects. However, reading Ingrid Chua-Go makes me appreciate bags more. There are a lot of REALLY cute and TO-DIE-FOR bags. 

I only wonder why I didn't get to be such a girl earlier on! Haha. 

PS. I can't wait to see my older sister's Cath Kidston bag--since we're on the subject of bags! :) And her, of course, when she gets to finally visit home! :)

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