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 Remember this? A few entries ago?

Well, one of the magazines I got was this one.

I don't always get to have a copy of Vogue. And one from the UK at that! I am not  a big fan of fashion magazines, but I look at them because of the layout. Fine, I lie. I do like to look at pretty things too! But it is true--I AM A SUCKER for a good magazine layout. Vogue is no exception. 

Let me apologise if you are a part of a magazine staff and you are living in the Philippines. I like the concept of some of the magazine layouts, but sometimes, they need to learn that less is more.  So far, where local magazines are concerned, only Meg (haha, am biased because my high school friend Nissie works there as the art director--but she will be transferred to another magazine from the same publication company) and Preview of Summit Publishing have met my satisfaction rating (as if I know a lot about magazine publishing, haha).

And I am also in agreement with her with this magazine--Real Simple. We had a copy once at home. The layout was clean. No fussy elements. I don't know where the magazine is now--so I'm putting it on a wishlist (for my birthday)! I want a copy of Real Simple magazine--the latest, or even a back copy will do!
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Julianne Marquez Manaois: Happy birthday, my favourite bitch. Love you! :)
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Years ago, my older sister and I found dead mice surrounding a big bag of coffee beans in our cupboard. I was reminded of it when I was stocking away groceries.

You would know good coffee if mice keep on "gnawing" at them to the extent that they'll die of extreme "intoxication."
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 I came across her blog because of my older sister, who follows The Bag Hag on Twitter, and has the aforementioned blog on her links list. And then, later on, I followed her. She's so friendly, even her replies to peoples' tweets can be so addictive. And her blog is another of those blogs where you get the feeling that you're travelling with her, and even bag shopping with her.

Bags for me are just storage of things. And the bigger they are, the more convenient it is for me. I always carry a lot of things in my bag (books, a notebook, my planner, my readings, food, my water container, a small makeup bag, and other personal effects. However, reading Ingrid Chua-Go makes me appreciate bags more. There are a lot of REALLY cute and TO-DIE-FOR bags. 

I only wonder why I didn't get to be such a girl earlier on! Haha. 

PS. I can't wait to see my older sister's Cath Kidston bag--since we're on the subject of bags! :) And her, of course, when she gets to finally visit home! :)

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